Mind Manipulation

Meaningful Wacky Electronic Music.

Let's have a listen

There are no excuses.

Look into the mirror and say

"Welcome to the new normal."

A basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of sound. If you can control the meaning of sound, you can control those who hear the sound.

The Early Days

Ken Peralta, of anglo-portuguese descent, started at the age of 13 as an event organizer and DJ, playing mainly House and Acid-House mixed with original beats made on a Commodore Amiga using Tracker. He later moved to the UK to train as an Audio Engineer at the Peoples College of Nottingham. He started developing sampled soundscapes and trippy fx, just for fun.

Then, death.

After his Brother passed, he returned to Portugal and attended a professional school, to train as a systems engineer. He joined forces with Fred Gandara (Suria) and João Apell (Audialize) and started steering towards the local Trip-Tech and Psytrance scene that was starting out at the time.

The Formative Times.

The project Mind Manipulation was born. The live-act soon followed and gathered momentum from 2000 to 2003, a few original tracks and collabs were released worldwide. During the same time, he worked as an audio engineer in Theatre and Video Production companies in Lisbon.

The next step.

The psytrance scene changed a lot, so after being called upon to make 2 D&B remixes of sucessfull hip-hop tunes, he moved towards a more D&B related, trippy soundscape. In 2005, the return to the UK and his settlement in Bristol helped with the development of his unique style of Drum n Bass, Dubstep and Breaks, complemented with crazy synths, sweeping sounds and heavy basslines.

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